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New Client Win: Hurst

New client win - Hurst Accountants

We're thrilled to announce that we've just been selected to partner Hurst through a rebrand and website overhaul!

We met the team from Hurst when we were invited to share some ideas for the Prime Global accountancy network, and were immediately struck by their striking brand and bold business culture.

Our plan is to repackage their 'edge' proposition – giving ownership of a unique visual style and helping to mature the brand without losing their sense of individuality. The project will be starting in September this year, and will include both digital and traditional design.

Ed said this:

"When we first met the guys from Hurst, it felt like there was a nice match between our businesses… our respective cultures just seem to complement each other, and we're hoping this will set the foundations for a very long and happy relationship!"

The project will all be completed by Christmas 2014, so come back soon for the case study!

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