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The Running Man

Looks like a programmer. Runs like the wind. Liver of beer. Heart of gold.

Over the past few months our Digital Director Andy has been on a personal mission to raise money for a local family whose son Alfie is living with a devastating chromosome disorder known as 1p36.33.

Andy's mission to raise money for Alfie

Alfie needs the constant support of specialist paediatricians, physiotherapists, ear, nose and throat doctors, a dedicated speech and language team, opthalmology specialists and geneticists. With enough funding, the hope is that one day Alfie might be able to walk and perhaps say a few words.

Andy and his co-runner 'Big Al' have been pounding the pavements to rack-up almost 88km each to raise money for Alfie's family, culminating in the Derby Half Marathon earlier this year.

Andy said:

"I really do hate running, but we felt we should try to do something for a family that really needed a little extra help. I'm proud to say that we've raised almost £2,000 which I hope will make a big difference to the family and to Alfie's future."

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