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Three brands that are taking sassy marketing to the next level

One of the biggest headaches for social media marketers, politicians, Shia LeBoeuf and in fact most people who spend a considerable amount of time on the Internet, has been the troll — those who take the time to spoil the web for the rest of us and in some cases, veer in to the realms of serious online bullying.

But what happens when brands take it upon themselves to embrace their inner troll and direct pent up teenage angst towards their competitors or even... their own customers?!

It seems that everything from a well-timed smackdown to full-on war is now game in the new era of social media marketing, let’s take a look at three brands that are rocking sassy marketing.


Unlike the others on this list, Samsung has gone full sass with a fully integrated campaign rather than social media, all aimed at it’s biggest competitor, Apple. In their latest spot, Samsung followed a customer, loyal to Apple’s iPhone from the beginning but who starts to waiver when witnessing the Samsung alternative. In the end, the protagonist jumps ship to Samsung and the final shot is a blatant swipe at Apple and those queuing for hours to get their hands on the new iPhone X, can you spot the notch dig…

Samsung's direct campaign aimed at their biggest competitor, Apple

Burger King

Burger King has clearly read Wendy’s social media playbook and decided they needed some fast food sass in their life as well. In two recent moves, the whopper wielding giant focussed it’s marketing efforts on taking aim at rival McDonalds. First off a cheeky stunt to tie in with the release of horror film “It” — while the credits ran during a German premiere of the film, Burger King used a spotlight to project the line “And the moral of the story is; never trust a clown” followed by their logo. The simple campaign went viral on social media and started a cheeky new era for the King's marketing strategy.

Burger King pull of horrifying marketing stunt


It would be prudent to not include Wendy’s in this list, not only did their social media manager unleash one of the greatest burn responses from a brand on social media, they did so at a customer — yup that’s right, they took the old adage of ‘the customer is always right’ and deep fried it.

Wendys pulled off possibly one of the greatest burn responses from a brand on social media

While we may think that such a move is sacrilege when it comes to customer relations, this move did wonders for Wendy’s receiving more engagement in 24hrs than the whole previous month combined, a simple backhanded response went viral (the holy grail of any social media manager) and did so with a bang.

Key Takeaways

It’s not for every brand at all and it can easily backfire when not researched properly (just Google the Wendy’s Pepe the Frog gaffe!) but if it does chime with your brand then getting some sass in your life could really drive social engagement, serving as a fresh approach to brand campaigns and cutting through the hectic social media landscape by doing things a bit different.

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