Scarsdale Recruitment Campaign

This month saw the launch of our integrated recruitment campaign for Scarsdale Vets and Pride Veterinary Centre.

Scarsdale is growing in both reputation and coverage, and it’s essential that they continue to attract talented and like-minded professionals. Not just people that have expertise, but professionals with the passion to push the business forward and the personality to complement and enrich the culture of the existing team.

Our ‘One Team’ campaign celebrates the careers of people working across all areas of Scarsdale, who share their own personal stories and career experiences with the company.

The campaign hinges around a stand-alone recruitment site, with supporting search and social campaigns, print promotions and even a chatbot to raise awareness of the range of career opportunities with one of the region’s most forward-thinking employers.

Come back soon to see the full case study, or visit to browse the new website.

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