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Meet Will Power

Our Will Power superhero was created to raise awareness of Derby City Council’s free support to stop smoking. He allows us to deliver targeted messages of encouragement and support - without ever telling people what they should do. He might seem like a little fella, but he makes a big difference - the people of Derby are five times more likely to quit with his help.

Will Power

The eye-catching and quirky CGI character is the modern-day evolution of a campaign that started almost ten years ago, and has resulted in countless people finding their own Will Power and leading healthier, smoke-free lifestyles as a result. It’s just one example from our longstanding and successful relationship with the Council’s wellbeing team.

Will Power
“I can still remember working on the original Will Power campaign in the old days of Fluid, and this just shows that a good idea can last and last. Although Will’s had a bit of a refresh, the principle of the brand and the campaign is exactly the same - encouraging people to find their inner super - and quit smoking for good”

Ben Thompson, Creative Lead


increase in visits to smoking/Will Power web page


increase in smoking appointments booked

Will Power

Tags: Branding. Graphic Design.

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