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For more than 100 years, the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has embodied the ambition, vision and values of its members; shaping the nursing profession and transforming patient care.

RCN100 brnad awareness

Our centenary brand and campaign celebrates the achievements of the RCN, commemorating a hundred years at the heart of healthcare, whilst looking forward to inspire another century of influence.

RCN100 commemorating 100 years

Just months into its launch, the RCN100 branding has adorned marches, wrapped buildings, inspired an exhibition, energised a membership base and spread contagiously across social media.

RCN100 branding campaign
“The centenary branding perfectly captures the juxtaposition of the College’s heritage and the dynamism of the modern nursing profession. Our hands logo was originated in 1984, and this latest iteration by Fluid Ideas is a sensitive update which retains brand recognition while also welcoming a new era for the College.”

Sarah Abley, Communications Manager

Tags: Branding. Advertising. Graphic Design.

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