We’re a brand-first full-service agency. But what do we do exactly?

Well. We do a lot of things. We create and protect brands. We create social media communities too. We design all sorts of things for paper and pixel. We develop big, transformational websites. We do photography, film and animation. And we’ve got our own CGI and special effects team too.
We also help charities (a lot). We travel to exciting places together. Every now and then we get given awards. And every single week we nip down to the wine bar for a cheeky one after work. You’re welcome to join.

So yes. We do a lot. But the most important thing we do is build partnerships. We build them long and strong (like Andrex). And we get so close that our clients treat us like part of their team. So we give them everything in return. Sounds good? Good. You can get in touch here.
Brand-first full-service
"The level of expertise throughout Fluid is extremely impressive. We've become accustomed to them over-delivering every time… an incredible and very dependable agency.”
Drum Recommends, 2020


If you want to know about Fluid then you need to know about our values. If you like them then you’ll probably like us. And if you really like them then you should probably say hello.


Because ideas can change anything.


Because it’s good to make people happy.


Because pride is worth more than money.


Because we all lose without ownership.


Because our comfort zone hates us.


Because honesty means everything.