Meet Gail

I’m a Creative Designer here at Fluid, so my role tends to be focused on Brand & Creative projects. Sometimes that’s creating a completely new brand, or breathing new life into an established one. I like to get stuck in, push things creatively and challenge myself... and I truly love the variety of the projects and clients I get involved with.

Team: Brand & Creative
Joined: 2018


Outside of work, I love travelling, experiencing new places and keeping fit and healthy. My passion in work is creativity, and the pride that comes when we create and launch something completely new – a brand, character, creative campaign, social strategy or website is really exciting.


I think my proudest achievement has to be the ‘Bottles of Kindness’ campaign for Wine&Something. It was the first creative project I lead on and the roll out spanned all teams and specialisms here at Fluid, from Brand & Creative to Image & Motion, Search & Social to Websites & Systems.


I do love a lie-in, but this is usually followed by a pang of guilt and so I jump out of bed and head to the stables to muck out, feed and exercise the horses. In the winter I like to play badminton and in the summer I head to the hills on my bike, which has included cycling up Snowdon.

Fluid in three words

Dedicated. Fun. Courageous.

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Wine & Something
Bringing wow to your wine life with Wine&Something
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A good business without a strong brand is hopelessly and needlessly limited. Our Brand & Creative team is here to unlock those limitations.

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