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Ella first joined Fluid for a placement at the tender age of 15. She was brilliant. And she’s been an intermittent but hugely important part of our team ever since. At the time of writing she’s travelling the world after her most recent six-month placement. But she’ll be back in the summer. And hopefully one day she’ll stay for good.

Proud project.


Helping Sainsbury’s and Tyrrells Crisps to capitalise on the UK’s fastest-growing grocery product.
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Ella's Fluid journey & work experience advice

My Fluid journey and work experience advice

Ella gives us her top 5 tips for getting the most out of a marketing or design work experience placement.
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Five things we shouldn't know (but do)

I can't quite believe it... but my third blog means I'm already half-way into my six-month placement with Fluid. And during my 3 months here I've realised the Fluid team know a lot!
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