Ay Corona!


Yes this is another article about our collective foe Covid-19. And no, this one isn’t about scaremongering, mild panic or toilet roll shortages. It’s more about how your business can outwit the coronavirus should it start to directly affect your marketing activities.

By now you should be pretty well versed as to when you should be namaste-ing or elbow bumping your colleagues and collaborators. But what about that industry expo that has been postponed? How can you sell property when people aren’t coming through the doors? Can you still hold that planned seminar? What if your attraction can’t stay open to the public?

Digital has the answer.

Used creatively, digital marketing and innovative technologies could be a lifeline for many businesses if the UK was to end up in a situation similar to Italy. So let’s go there. Let’s imagine the quiet high streets, empty offices and one loo roll left in the bathroom…

Scenario one.‍

Selling property typically involves showing prospective buyers around a property – whether that’s a beautiful showhome on new build properties or going around Mr and Mrs Thompson’s three-bed semi that they’re hoping to rent out.

But how do you keep the sales momentum going when people aren’t visiting your showhomes? Or if your staffing levels have been impacted by self-quarantine measures, and there’s no-one available to do the sales pitch?

When your target audience is confined to the digital equivalent of window shopping, then you need to start using digital tactics to your advantage. A well thought-out plan for digital marketing could attract and retain consumer interest until you can get them through your doors again.

Switching physical advertising for an online alternative is a great start. You could showcase your luxury showhome using high-end, aspirational photography. A virtual tour or Mr and Mrs Thompson’s house could offer potential renters a similar experience to visiting the property. Could you could take it further by offering an immersive VR experience? 360˚ cameras can let your audiences explore at their own pace from their own home. And you don’t need to rely on your audiences having fancy headsets – Google Cardboard is inexpensive and effective.

Scenario two.

Exhibitions and expos are a key part of many businesses’ marketing activities. But with many events being postponed or cancelled, how do you compensate for that loss of opportunity and maximise the months of preparation work you have done?

Facebook Live events are a great way to connect with your audiences professionally, without needing to put yours or their health at risk. Product demonstrations, knowledge-sharing seminars, Q&As or a simple chat – all the things you hoped your presence at the industry expo would achieve can be recreated digitally with the right planned approach.

‍Scenario three.‍

Your family attraction business relies on footfall through the door, but when fear keeps families at home rather than exploring the local zoo, theme park, museum or farm, how do you keep your attraction in the forefront of their minds so they come back when the time is right? Could your attraction be experienced online? You can bet there is a creative way to get your target audience online and engaging with your brand.

When lambing season was upon the National Forest Adventure Farm, we worked with them to promote and broadcast EweTube Live across Facebook Live and Instagram Live, so viewers at home could watch the birthing of and the subsequent antics of newborn lambs on the farm, 24 hours a day.

So how about putting a 360˚ camera in the monkey sanctuary? Could you film your rollercoaster ride from a rider’s point of view and let people at home experience it through VR? How about letting people explore your museum from the comfort of their own sofa?

Creative solutions are for life, not just for coronavirus‍

While we can use the above tactics to think our way out of the temporary problems Covid-19 may throw at us, these solutions could be used as an integrated part of your marketing plan in the long-term.

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