Creating work that works for almost 20 years

Helping the world drink differently with ZeroZilchZip
Haas F1 Team Case Study
Driving fan engagement with Haas F1 Team
Pushing the potential of social media with EMR
The Cambridge
Stretching the boundaries of financial branding with The Cambridge
Wine & Something
Bringing wow to your wine life with Wine&Something
Azelis case study
Supporting global innovation with Azelis
We believe ideas can change anything. And so do our clients.
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Based on client ratings The Drum Recommends.

We’re proud of our partnerships with clients. They’re close-knit, long-standing, and rewarding in all sorts of different ways. It seems like we must be getting something right. Because they’ve rated Fluid as one of the UK’s leading agencies through the Drum Recommends platform. 

Our approach

It’s hard to explain… but Fluid is different

If you work with us, we’ll try and make sure this feels like your agency. We’ll give you opportunities. We’ll look after you. And we’ll try and make sure you grow with us too.


Fluid studio
Fluid studio
Fluid studio