We're Fluid. And we were born to make brands better – in pixel, print and person. And while we’re building brands and driving growth, we build relationships too. Which means our clients stick with us. They trust us. And they recommend us. So they help us grow too... it’s the way business should be.

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We’re an integrated agency. So we blend all sorts of skills to create, shape and protect brands. Our disciplines grow and evolve. But they will always be bound by an idea.





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Fifteen Years of Fluid

Reflecting on fifteen years of Fluid

Fifteen years, three different eras and six lessons learned along the way. Phil reflects on his first fifteen years since founding Fluid in January 2004, from a windowless basement to a world heritage site.

February 2019

Chemistry. HURST. And an industry first

We met Simon in 2014. In Buxton. Over a cup of tea. I think there was cake too. Over the years he’s been a client, a referrer, a counsellor (unwittingly) and a mentor. And we’re proud to say that he and the team at HURST are soon to be partners too.

February 2019


January 2019 saw the launch of our new TV advertisement and photography suite for Northwood, whose 85 nationwide branches make them one of the UK’s most recognisable estate agency brands.

February 2019