We're Fluid. And we were born to make brands better – in pixel, print and person. And while we’re building brands and driving growth, we build relationships too. Which means our clients stick with us. They trust us. And they recommend us. So they help us grow too... it’s the way business should be.

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We’re an integrated agency. So we blend all sorts of skills to create, shape and protect brands. Our disciplines grow and evolve. But they will always be bound by an idea.





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Fluid Ideas helps send cow into space

Space Mission Completed

Through clenched teeth we’re resisting any ‘out of this world’ or ‘reaching for stars’ pun opportunities to say that we’re extremely proud of our digital and social team… and their recent campaign that blended space travel with social live streaming and virtual reality. You can read the press release below.

July 2019
Ed - Fluid Ideas - Cross-Culture Marketing

Naked saunas and cultural norms.

It’s funny how nudity can make you think about work - even though it definitely shouldn’t. Particularly marketing. Or more specifically - cross-culture marketing.

July 2019
A year in the life of Liam

A year in the life of Liam

July 2019 saw the start of Liam’s 12-month placement on our BURST graduate programme.

July 2019