Feeling Empowered

By Carrie Gregory
December 2020

The university devised its Empower initiative to drive engagement among female students. The aim was to encourage them to invest time in their own physical, social and mental wellbeing.

Fluid worked with the university to develop a distinctive identity that would give their target audience the confidence to take part in the various events and classes they had designed as part of the Empower programme. The identity was rolled out across both print and digital applications, giving them the toolkit they needed to promote Empower to the audience base.

On the night, the university was up against some keen competition, but the Empower campaign stood out and took the win.

Carrie Gregory, the creative lead for the Empower identity, said: “It’s so important that universities are creating space for people to enhance their personal wellbeing, and placing a strong emphasis on mental health -especially in times like these when Covid-19 has disrupted people’s lives so negatively.

“We’re really proud to have played a small part in that by working with the university to deliver a creative identity for Empower, and we’re thrilled to learn that the wider initiative has become a brilliant success, winning a prestigious BUCS award no less!”

– Carrie Gregory, creative lead for the Empower identity

You can watch Sky Sports’ Tom White announce the win below: