We're on a Drum roll...

By Ed Bowler
May 2022
ZeroZilchZip Drum Digital Advertising Awards

Following our recent nomination in The Drum Digital Advertising Awards, we’ve only gone and received another award nomination.

This time, our photography work for ZeroZilchZip has earned Fluid a nomination in The Drum Roses Awards, which celebrates creativity outside of London.

When considering getting involved in a trending topic or awareness day, consider what a safe zone is for your brand. 

ZeroZilchZip is a brand born to cut through the muddle and mediocrity of the supermarket shelves, giving customers a fast, faff-free way to discover the delights of alcohol-free drinking.

Photography was an integral part of that brand identity, and a key part of Fluid’s full-service offering, so we’re as pleased as non-alcoholic punch for the team to be recognised in this way.

ZeroZilchZip Photography - Big Drop Brewery

Any photography featuring reflective surfaces is a technical challenge, and one which we rose to. The technical difficulty was further amplified by harsh light, cast shadows and the dressings that complete the compositions. The end-result has been worth the investment in time, with brand imagery that’s attention-grabbing and unique within the non-alcoholic drinks sector.

– Dan Chadwick, Art Director

We’ll be keeping everything crossed when the winner is announced on 25 May.