Meet Jess J

I’m one of the Graphic Designers here at Fluid, creating digital and print designs for a variety of projects across all of our clients. I get to collaborate with the different teams at Fluid every day, which is lovely. It’s a fast-paced environment, where within one day I might be starting on a new brief, rolling out artwork across different mediums and proofing designs against brand guidelines.

Team: Design & Artwork
Joined: 2021


I consider myself as a thoughtful person, so my greatest passion inside and outside of work is to be there for others - whether that’s supporting the team, helping to create a warming and welcoming work environment, or just being a part of general office life. I’m a creative person through and through, so outside of work I enjoy creating handmade gifts for friends and family for special occasions. Continuing the creative theme, I also have a passion for traditional printmaking methods like screen-printing and letterpress.


I would say my proudest achievement with Fluid is expanding on my creative knowledge, working alongside such a wide range of clients, building strong relationships and adapting to their brands so quickly. My role within Fluid is very different to my previous role and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning and engaging in new opportunities at Fluid.


I’m a very family orientated person, so my ideal weekend would be spending quality time with the family. Either out walking, exploring new places, or relaxing in the summer sunshine with a few beers and a BBQ. I am a massive football fan and like to spend my weekends watching the 'Mighty Foxes'. Football is a rollercoaster of emotions and heartbreak comes in many different forms. Following Leicester City provides this in ample measure.

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