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Design & Artwork

Vicky joined our design and artwork team in late 2019, bringing with her over 7 years of experience and bundles of enthusiasm. Alongside graphic design and illustration, Vicky has a passion for motion graphics and stop motion, which adds an exciting flair to her work and the studio. Her friendly and supportive nature meant she knitted into the team in no time at all.

Proud project.


Helping Sainsbury’s and Tyrrells Crisps to capitalise on the UK’s fastest-growing grocery product.
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Trent Barton Amazebus

Trent Barton

Amazebus is the recruitment brand for Trent Barton, the East Midlands’ largest and loveliest bus operator. In their mission to attract and maintain the UK’s friendliest team of drivers, they needed a creative identity that would attract people based on their character as much as their qualifications.
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Brand discussion in the studio

Achieving brand loyalty

We all know the moment. You’re in the pub. You ask the bar man for a coke. “Sorry, it’s Pepsi. Is that ok?” For some, it’s a dealbreaker. Ask anyone. On the Coca Cola vs Pepsi debate, we all have a favourite. Even if we don’t throw a strop and tell the bar man to leave it, we begrudging sip our Pepsi while wishing it was Coca Cola instead.
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Vicky Edmonds