Unleashing the outdoors with a natural phewww from hayfever

The challenger brand versus the behemoths.

Fusion allergy is different. Harnessing the natural power of ectoin, this challenger brand in the international hayfever and allergy market provides natural relief for all the family. No drugs. No drowsiness. Making the entire range safe and effective from birth. 

But countless standout products have been lost in their respective battles against big-budget market-leading brands. So Fusion selected Fluid as the partner to channel their challenger ambitions into an unmissable awareness campaign.


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The natural phewww for all the family.

As a parent to young children, nothing compares to the helplessness and frustration of a suffering child. The guilt. The sadness. The wish you could wave that magic parental wand and allow their allergies to wisp away into a summer haze.

All those feelings can be captured in one universally relatable and translatable feeling. Phewww. And that’s the single-minded idea anchoring the whole campaign, across any channel or platform. Fusion Allergy. Your natural phewww from hayfever.

Fusion Allergy Brand Strapline
Fusion Allergy Billboard

The idea, the identity, and the seamless stand out.

With a race to be ready for the start of hayfever season and the first flourish of that pesky pollen, our creative teams, inspired by Sarah and Anneliese, forged the flicker of an idea into a fully integrated campaign that would cascade across any touchpoint.

Bespoke typography, carefully composed photography, playful yet meaningful tone of voice, custom illustration and an energising yet calming motion identity combined to flow across any imaginable media placement. All punctuated with a firm focus on conversions, and driving meaningful action in our audiences. 

The campaign timings even fell perfectly to welcome Fusion for the first high-profile campaign shoot at Fluid’s new photography studio, Flux.

Fusion Allergy Magazine Advert
Fusion Allergy Exhibition Stand

The singular idea, built by multi-talented teams.

From retail take-overs to Amazon storefronts, website commerce, integrated advertising, audio spots, influencer packs, social channels, accompanied by separate trade-focused content for pharmacists. Everything blended beautifully, with special thanks to the sophisticated media targeting strategists from JKO and Crossover.

With Fluid’s social strategists leading the influencer engagement on Fusion’s behalf, we brought together a diverse community of micro-influencers as clear campaign advocates. Our ‘family phewww days’ hinged around a gifted product box, allowing the influencers and their young families to unleash the outdoors (and their organic advocacy) without fear from hayfever.

Fusion Allergy Social Posts
Fusion Allergy Packaging
Fusion Allergy Packaging
Fusion Allergy Packaging
Fusion Allergy Product Information
Sarah Ussher


We have really enjoyed working with Fluid - amazing work ethic from everyone, huge creative skills and nothing is ever too much hassle. They practically nailed every brief on the first try!

– Sarah Ussher, Digital Marketing Manager at Scope

Creating the global launch campaign for RESCUE Gummies