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Fluid launches new RSPCA website

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new website for Derbyshire’s Abbey Street RSPCA, a brilliant charity that feels very close to our animal-loving hearts.

The mobile-first Drupal 8 website has been designed to increase awareness and support of the charity - through animal adoptions, volunteering and fundraising efforts. There are also some whizzy integrations that we’re rather pleased about.

Fluid’s back-end developer Stu had a few things to say about this latest launch:

“From my perspective there are some really interesting integrations within the website. So it’s not just providing a better user experience for visitors - it’s a site that will streamline and simplify the way the organisation works too. That’s becoming increasingly important in all the sites we build these days.”

Chris - our front-end lead for the project had some thoughts too:

“I think overall the feeling is a sense of pride... not just in realising the design vision we created, but in really transforming the Derbyshire RSPCAs most important communication tool. We believe it’ll have a huge impact on the charity... and the early signs are already really positive.”

To find out more about the project and our approach to delivering charity websites, just say and we’ll be happy to help.