Groovy, baby!

By Dan Chadwick
November 2020

No, we've not struck up a partnership with Austin Powers, but we have started working with Groovy.

Groovy licenses well-loved television, movie and game brands for the range of gifts and products they design and manufacture.

From fashion items such as dressing gowns and slippers, to homeware such as lighting, cushions and oven gloves (and a whole lot more in between), you can find Groovy’s products on the UK high street via major retailers.

“I think the entire team is excited by this one. Social-first content always provides an opportunity for over-the-top visuals in the pursuit of that genuinely thumb-stopping content. Combine that with the visual-effects heavy worlds of Harry Potter, Star Wars and Marvel and we have an excuse for more VFX than you can shake a wandat. Exciting stuff to come I think.”

Dan, Art Director

Groovy licenses a range of entertainment brands, including Star Wars, Harry Potter, Friends, Marvel, DC and Assassin’s Creed.

Fluid will be working with Groovy to create exciting visual content for their social media channels, which will keep our Digital Marketing and Image & Motion teams busy over the coming months.