Meet Jess B

I'm one of the CGI Artists here at Fluid, so my role tends to involve taking ideas from the design, creative or social teams and developing them through to the final product. It's all incredibly varied and it certainly keeps me engaged while providing me opportunities to develop my skills daily. I'm fortunate to work within such a talented team that have helped me grow over the years. 

Team: Image & Motion
Joined: 2018


Outside of work I enjoy relaxing creative outlets like photography and painting. My passion in work is development of software and technology, seeing how we can use it to push the boundaries of what we can create. I strive to be the best I can be as a CGI Artist and the research and development we do at Fluid allows us to continually improve the visuals we create.


I think my proudest achievement has to be the development of The Cambridge Building Society brand characters. It's been an absolute joy to work with this project and I love seeing what new ideas we can come up with for this brand and what different situations we can place our the characters into.


My ideal weekend involves catching-up with friends and family, hopefully in the sunshine, and going for long dog walks. Maybe a couple of pubs on route.

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