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Selling holidays in winter is hard. Especially if you’re in Britain. That’s why the YHA chose Fluid.

A seasonal challenge.

Where you go changes who you become. That’s the mantra of the Youth Hostel Association (YHA), a charity that transforms young lives through travel and adventure. Its 150 hostels and 45 campsites provide amazing places to stay and unique opportunities to explore. Making Britain’s most beautiful places available to everyone.

But selling holidays in winter is hard. Especially if you’re in Britain. That’s why the YHA chose to work with Fluid. So forget sun beds and sangria. Think ‘soggy socks happy’.

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An emotive brand.

Like a lot of things, the idea started in the kitchen. Scribbling, chatting, brainstorming and browsing. We knew there was something simple and brilliant. And when someone scribbled 'ppy’ alongside the YHA’s iconic logo, we knew we’d found it. A new campaign brand was born. One that placed emotions and experiences at the heart of YHA.

A unique identity.

Having immersed ourselves in YHA’s brand, we shaped a unique identity system that would distinguish the campaign whilst remaining sensitive to the charity’s vision, values and heritage.

An integrated campaign.

There’s something special about having the beach to yourself. Or leaving the first footprints in fresh snow. The smell after a thunderstorm. Somehow days of imperfect weather can live longer in the memory. Becoming stories that bind us together through a sense of triumph. That’s the spirit of the YHAppy campaign.
Through the adventures of imagined characters, our brand campaign celebrated the experiences that are unique to the winter months.

Messaging talks of triumphant weather warriors who find their YHAppy in the great outdoors. Stories of soggy socks, scrunchy snow and salty skin elevate the brand alongside visceral experiences, selling adventure and memories – not accommodation.

A national award.

Soon after launch, YHAppy was recognised as one of the year's best brand campaigns by The Drum Creative Awards.
YHAppy awarded best brand campaign 2017 by the Drum Creative Awards
"We’ve been incredibly impressed with Fluid’s professionalism, creative ideas, and their ability to understand the YHA brand. The YHAppy brand takeover was exactly what we were hoping for... The project has created excellent engagement, with an uplift in bookings far beyond our expectations."
Lottie Durrant, YHA