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Helping Sainsbury’s and Tyrrells Crisps to capitalise on the UK’s fastest-growing grocery product.

A growing market

Between 2013 and 2017 the UK’s popcorn market doubled in value. And the growth keeps going, with the product's perceived ‘health halo’ of low calories, high fibre and gluten-free being key to its popularity.

It’s no wonder Sainsbury’s saw an opportunity for a targeted in-house brand, which we proudly developed in partnership with Tyrrells.

Project summary




NUDE popcorn


Website Design
Website Development
Video & Animation

A striking brand

Everything was tailored to our image-conscious female audience. From the name to the identity treatment and choice of colour and type. And with a promise of 'nothing to hide', NUDE popcorn combines great flavour with impressive health credentials - all conveyed through a striking and spirited brand.
Armed with a bespoke handmade typeface, suggestive silhouette and playful messaging strategy, NUDE popcorn benefits from a vivid identity that stands out on supermarket shelves and online.
"This was a great project to work on, and we really enjoyed the collaboration with the team from Tyrrells. We love packaging design and we’re all really proud that our brand continues to be backed by a retailer with the stature of Sainsbury's!"
Carrie Gregory, Lead Creative

An innovative website

Our brand website for NUDE popcorn was recognised for its innovative website design by AWWWARDS.
AWWWARDS nominee