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Union of Students

A new brand look, feel and language to inform and unite the student community at the University of Derby.

A true community

The idea came on campus. Within minutes of leaving the meeting. But the execution took weeks and weeks. Sometimes that’s the way it goes.

The SU is becoming a meaningless acronym these days. Associated more with student bars and nightlife than a collective force of bright like-minds. We wanted to change that. In Derby at least.

So we created a living, breathing brand that would become owned by its students. An ever-present reminder of the things that can be achieved through the strength, togetherness and support of a true community.

So we said goodbye to the SU… because the future’s all about US.

Project summary


University of Derby


Union of Students


Video & Animation

Designed to inspire

People used to think the Union was an arm of the University. They don’t any more. The new brand represents a bold departure from its previous identity. It was designed to inspire, inform and involve the students of Derby, whilst aligning with the Union’s long-term strategic vision.
We knew we wanted to design a brand that would ignite the imagination of the students. And that meant they had to own the creative process too.
So we held focus groups, interviews and presentations throughout concept development. And we made it clear that this was their brand. And they would need to make their mark on it.
A simple, unique and flexible logo and brand system was designed and tested. The resulting marque was launched with 30 initial variations, with the hope of many many more.

40% more engagement

Within 12 months of launching the US brand, the Union reported a considerable growth in support enquiries, along with a 40% increase in student engagement at their elections.
A record three year voter turnout
increase in voters year-on-year
"The US branding truly captures our mission of creating strong student communities across our various campuses, in a way that is vibrant and grabs attention whilst offering the flexibility to be both serious and playful depending on the context."
Victoria Hossack, Chief Executive